tahoe unplanned.

snapseedfor weeks we had been looking forward to our hut trip with friends in tahoe. we had to head up a day later than everyone else due to z’s work schedule, but we had everything figured out. with snowshoes rented, packs stuffed, & the hope for lots of snow we headed out of the city. it was pouring.. the entire time. we stopped at a general store to buy trash bags for our packs & decided we would have to hike in rain boots to stay dry. obviously we were ill prepared. z & i like to call ourselves the “in moderation” adventurists. we are by no means “hardcore” or have all the latest gear to get us to far off destinations, but we also don’t stay in plush hotels or just visit the safe tourist sites when we adventure. well this trip we felt a bit more “hardcore”. who would have know rain boots attached to snowshoes would work well & trash bags would keep everything other than the bottom of your bag dry? well, we didn’t. it is fun to improvise & put yourself in unknown situations. this was also my first time snowshoeing & even though flooding of the trail prevented us from reaching our friends we had a blast. after feeling defeated, but warm back at the truck we decided to make the most of it & stay in tahoe for the night. we came across a darling hotel right on the lake, snagged a room, & headed to dinner. a couple rum runners & we were feeling even toastier. we spent sunday exploring south lake tahoe & took the mountain drive back. although the weekend didn’t go as planned, it turned out to be another adventure for the books.



tahoe unplanned.

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