next stop… san francisco!

we’ve moved to san francisco! this a very exciting new venture for both z & i. we have both fallen in love with the pnw, but we are not ready to settle down there quite yet. we both share the dream to live in many different places & to travel. it has always been a passion of mine to expose myself to a multitude of cultures, environments, & adventures.

we decided to begin our next adventure together on highway 101. we started in seattle & finished three blissful days later in san francisco. z & i have found that we thrive on the road, while traveling, & adventuring together. this is where we are both able to discover things about ourselves & together as a couple. the journey was filled with excitement, fear, joy, laughter, tears, & love.

haystack rock


road crew


redwood national park


riding in the clouds


san francsico!



next stop… san francisco!

One thought on “next stop… san francisco!

  1. Wow.. your pictures are awesome.. we are just back from our trip L.A.-San Francisco.. and I was completely sure that we have seen some of those giant trees.. but after seeing your tree-photo.. lol, nah, we didn’t! :D I hope we can come back one day in not too long time to continue our 101 adventure until Seattle :)

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