land of enchantment.

i lived in albuquerque, new mexico for almost 9 years. when my parents first told me that we would be moving to new mexico i was petrified. i had just finished my freshman year & was not prepared to transfer to another high school, let alone another state. i was shell shocked when we arrived, for i felt like i entered the 50 shades of brown. i missed everything about colorado & told myself i would never call new mexico home.

that only lasted 5 years. i had finished my first year of college & was moving into a place with some friends. i had finally given new mexico the chance. everything that was so devastating to me at first (the culture, the traditions, the bumps they called the sandias, & all the brown) was now what i wanted to surround myself with. once my eyes opened to the possibilities in new mexico i quickly learned that all that brown goes nicely with turquoise.

i am now able to realize that the move to new mexico was the best thing that could have happened to me. there i formed some of my strongest & most meaningful relationships, became a nurse, learned how much i enjoyed being on my own, became incredibly independent, strong, & most of all grateful. albuquerque didn’t offer me a big city life, hipster coffee shops on every corner, the best thrifting, or a new place to try every weekend. what it did give me was so much more meaningful.

i knew i was never going to stay in new mexico, but i must say it was much harder to leave than i thought it would be. it made a forever place in my heart & in ink on my skin. i love new mexico & my oh my how i miss green chile. thank you new mexico, for shaping me into who i am today.

*this past weekend i made a trip down there with my boyfriend. it was my first time back since graduating, almost 6 months ago. i took about a million photos, but to spare yours & my sanity i only posted some of my most colorful favorites.

IMG_5887 IMG_6150IMG_5972 IMG_5959IMG_5966 IMG_6006IMG_6060 IMG_6071IMG_6073 IMG_6129IMG_6118 IMG_6200IMG_6292 IMG_6298IMG_6313 IMG_6381IMG_6359 IMG_6350IMG_6395 IMG_6375

land of enchantment.

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