and we ate.

four pounds heavier & pound sign exhausted, seattle always treats me right. there is so much to do & i wanted to capture every moment, so i did.

IMG_3794 IMG_3885IMG_3799 IMG_3834IMG_3846 IMG_3884

 visiting the tulip fields in skagit valley, washington.

IMG_3906 IMG_4313IMG_3921 IMG_3909

sunday ballard farmers market deliciousness.

IMG_3928 IMG_3943IMG_3950 IMG_3959

visiting the volunteer park conservatory.

IMG_4050 IMG_4055IMG_4056 IMG_4065
IMG_4075 IMG_4087IMG_4091 IMG_4092IMG_4119 IMG_4122IMG_4127 IMG_4153

the perfect day for a walk through discovery park.

IMG_3989 IMG_4011IMG_4175 IMG_4043

biscuits, bailie bug, & blooming flowers make me happy.

IMG_4195 IMG_4190IMG_4196 IMG_4208

fat hen brunchin’ followed by a not without salt chocolate chip cookie mix pick up.

IMG_4209 IMG_4219IMG_4225 IMG_4226

a walk around the ballard locks, then a face stuffed with molten chocolate hot cakes.

IMG_4246 IMG_4248IMG_4253 IMG_4261

sculpture park & needle.

IMG_4286 IMG_4270IMG_4271 IMG_4291IMG_4277 IMG_4280IMG_4289 IMG_4319

last but not least, a stop at pike place market for beecher’s cheese & men throwing fish.

*not pictured : the hours spent on the couch watching million dollar listing new york.

and we ate.

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