when does a girl become a woman? is it when she begins her menses, is fully developed, can walk without teetering in stilettos, finds her sexuality, has a career, turns a certain age, has a baby, becomes a wife, or possess certain qualities (independence, strength, power, confidence, poise, class, beauty, compassion, charisma,…)? that’s just a short mouthful of options.

i decided to google image search ‘woman’. what the page revealed was females, majority appeared to be over 25, some half naked, & all smiling or posing with “sultry” eyes. afterward, i pinterest searched ‘woman’. the results were expansive including a surplus of encouraging quotes about how to be a strong woman (mostly revolving around relationships), 10 habits of a happy woman, how to encourage your husband, 23 qualities of a woman worth dating & how to escape zip ties.

it is my belief that there will always be a pressure, whether internal or external, to be, look, act, & do things a certain way. as with my simple search i inferred that a woman should be happy, sexy, able to love, & strong without it, form habits to remain happy, know how to treat her partner, have certain qualities in order to gain/keep a relationship, & understand that she is vulnerable to dangerous situations.

ultimately it is very easy to find any answer to any question in this day & age. my thoughts boil down to a question i’m not sure can be answered: does a defining moment exist when a girl knows that she has become a woman?


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