i think it’s safe to say we all know how powerful words are. words found between two quotation marks can be extremely influential. almost daily i read quotes. some people even have specific quotes engrained in their brain that which they live by. quotes can empower you to get through the day, assist you in making a change in your life, drive you to success, provide insight, give you feelings of happiness, or relief, or sadness, make you contemplate something big or small, & so much more. the enjoyment i get from reading them is about as much as milo, my cat, enjoys his purina pro plan adult 11+ chicken & beef entree (that’s a lot, people).

it’s interesting because i’d read them once, pause, think about it for a moment, & then move on. i feel something for that moment & tell myself i need to remember those words. the truth is, the quote barely resonates in my mind. (it’s like when your mom comes down to the room you are temporarily residing in in her basement & asks you to do something. it hits your tympanic membrane, floats around between neurons, forms a small process, & then is lost somewhere in gray & white matter. or is that just me?) however, some quotes have the privilege of me writing them down. i have a moleskine notebook bulging with quotes, but even those are only stuck smashed between another page of quotes. each one i have written down has meant something to me. either i had an emotional response, it helped me move forward, inspired me, or opened my mind to another way of thinking. maybe it’s gandhi, through teaching, or maybe kim kardashian, through…well i’m not sure what she does, that has “spoken” to you through their words. whomever it may be, real or fictional, their words have had an impact on your life. even for a brief moment in time.

ghandi 2



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