tuesday inspire.


after graduating college in albuquerque, new mexico i moved back to colorado, my native state. i am transiently residing in my parent’s basement (i phrase it like this, because it makes me feel better about myself). as i sit in the dark, that is living below the ground, i like to look at photographs of others’ homes for inspiration. i do this to remind myself that, indeed, i will not die as a lonely cat woman in my parent’s basement. this cozy brooklyn loft helps me see the light.

PageImage-527220-5130780-SiJessPortfolioBFerry14  PageImage-527220-5130784-SiJessPortfolioBFerry11PageImage-527220-5130781-SiJessPortfolioBFerry13  PageImage-527220-5130772-SiJessPortfolioBFerry20 PageImage-527220-5130791-SiJessPortfolioBFerry5  PageImage-527220-5130797-SiJessPortfolioBFerry1PageImage-527220-5130776-SiJessPortfolioBFerry17  PageImage-527220-5130771-SiJessPortfolioBFerry21

simon howell & jessica barensfeld photographed by brian w. ferry.

tuesday inspire.

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