four letters.


with valentine’s day around the corner & a broken heart, every stuffed bear holding a precious little heart, perfectly designed flower bouquet, & box of chocolates better watch out (chocolate i will hurt you by eating you)! those who have been through heartbreak know that it hurts, bad. no one wants to go through that emotional (not to forget physical) roller-coaster. being with someone while sharing your deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams, & fears can be both exhilarating & scary. you open up to the possibilities of a life you might have never imagined before they entered into it. things that didn’t have meaning before now do, like when that “one song” plays you both immediately think of one another. or whatever it may be in your own life that has changed with the entering of love. nevertheless, i think the majority of us hope for a grand, never ending love with someone we can share the rest of our lives with. for, we all deserve that kind of love.

each relationship that i enter seems to have a growth in love, is that because i love more of myself with each? i have seen how being with someone has changed me. even though the love in the relationship faded i found something new i loved about myself. i have grown immensely with each experience of love. likewise, it’s interesting how diversely you can love things in this world. i love my family much differently than i love my favorite albuquerque savers thrift store, but i feel love for both. each love is unique, none outweighing the other. each is too complex to be compared to the other.

the magnitude that the word love carries is extraordinary. i enjoy knowing that i will love many more times in many different ways. to my recent love, i hope we can celebrate our love with open hearts & bulleit rye whiskey sooner than later. now i shall get back to my pity party, a reese’s big cup & the notebook are waiting.

P.S. i am sure my writing has many errors (i really, really like using commas) & could use a solid editing process. i am in the medical field; i would prefer to use acronyms throughout the entire post anyhow. oh, & i know i think i am funnier than i actually am, so sorry if you find that annoying.

four letters.

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